Thursday, 17 December 2015


As many may know, I have a strong obsession with jewelry, specifically hand crafted, gold, dainty jewelry. I've watched, read and bought from this lovely woman for four years and I truly believe that she deserves some serious recognition on this space! She is very successful and probably doesn't need some no-name blog to recognize her but here goes....

The weird thing about watching someone on YouTube for four years is that you think you know them so forgive me if I refer to Chelsea Moylan as my best friend and/or main girl. She's also hysterically funny and entertaining and I encourage everyone to watch at least ONE of her chatty videos. I believe her online shop opened up in 2014 and she recently opened a stand alone store in 2015 in San Francisco. You go girl! But basically, her shop supports 'independent or emerging designers and artists -- the majority of the items carried are hand made, hand crafted, hand poured, hand printed.... hand something-ed'. Every single item on the website is to drool over as it's classic and edgy but cool and relaxed. I feel like one of those people trying to describe a celebrities dress choice for the Oscars. It's awesome! I recently picked up a few things from her shop.

no. 2 ring
This lovely Minoux No.2 ring has quickly become one of my jewelry staples, alongside....

tiny bar necklace

THIS!! Beautiful Minoux tiny bar necklace that hangs itself around my neck every day. 

It's one of those shops where you just want to buy absolutely everything and you kinda won't feel bad about it because most of the items are being made by local artists and designers. This is definitely an obsession that doesn't fall into the ballpark of unfortunate. But once you start deliberating whether or not you should eat dinner or buy another Minoux necklace, that's when it becomes a bit problematic! 


It has officially been three years since I've published anything on this space. Sad thought, really. I have all these wishes. That I wished I continued blogging, that I wish I had continued regardless of what others thought, that I wished I could have had this creative platform when I truly needed it!

Anyways, enough with the wishing, I'm BACK BABY! And I'm coming in with a bang!
Something to remember about this blog: you will not find expert beauty reviews or captivating editorial photo shoots. You will find crap that I find interesting and enjoyable and that I want to share with the world. I'm also contemplating if I should change the name seeing as how when I first started this blog I was having a very difficult time coming to terms with shopping, consumption and all the environmental consequences that come along with these activities. BUT, then again, I feel as though I have established a connection to 'Unfortunate Obsessions'. I will sleep on it. 

So, why am I back after three years of shit all? I'm back because I've found that I desperately need a place to share all of my random creative thoughts that run through my mind at all times. That's why I'm hoping to share a bit more than just fashion and beauty. I'm hoping to share some lifestyle bits, recipes, and general hilarious things that happen throughout my days on this earth! 

So, with that said, I will hit publish and log off - hopefully not for three years!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Sup? Not much.

Not feelin' too inspired to write anything here. I thought I would just be honest, sometimes it happens, I got nothing to say. I officially have a month left of summer to hang, watch the olympics, wish that I was an olympian and you know, chill. See, I told you I have nada to say. Having said all that crap, I went to a wonderful festival and had a wicked time, with wicked people. 
Here it is: 

Being all naked and stuff.

JUST KIDDING. This is not that kind of blog. Come on. 

Not impressed.

Enjoy this face, please, enjoy. 

I made these bad boys. The shorts that is. 

That is it. Hopefully I'll have more to say tomorrow, or the next day, or the next day. You get it right? One day this week, I'll say something interesting. Hopefully....

But I can't leave without some questions. 
Did you go to any festivals this weekend? Have you made your own distressed jean shorts? 

Shoes: Steve Madden
Shorts: Guess + DIY
Shirt: Urban Behaviour