Sunday, 17 June 2012

Nails. I'm talking about nails!

So I painted my nails 3 times today. Problematic? No. When it comes to nail painting it is never problematic. Well, my level of obsessive compulsiveness is definitely enhanced when doing my nails. They need to be perfect or pretty damn close. Am I really doing an entire post on nails? Yes I am and you're going to enjoy it. Or else....

Hopefully by including photos this post will be a BIT more interesting. Or maybe not. 

At approximately 9:08 am (hehe) this morning I began my day by painting my nails. Seems like most days start like this. How sad or cool. You choose. I wanted to try and create an ombre kinda thingy on my nails. 

(OPIs Manicurist of Seville, Revlons Cherries in the Snow, Revlons Mad about Mango, OPIs Cajun Shrimp)

Turns out I thought I only had 4 fingers. I didn't choose a fifth colour and my day went downhill from there. JUST KIDDING. I was a little upset, but I got over it. Big girl me. It was all fun and games until I got bored with all four colours. 

At precisely 7:17 pm (jkz about the exact times) I decided I wanted to change my nails and paint them a light blue. It worked out perfectly. I was home, watching re-runs of anything, eating brownies, hanging with the doggy. Conclusion of this useless story is that I PAINTED MY NAILS LIGHT BLUE. It was super kewlzzs.

(Essies Lapis of Luxury) 

The main point of this nails post is that sometimes having an Unfortunate Obsession can lead to multiple applications of nail polish within the span of 10 hours. Because I'm obsessed. Accept it. Embrace it (almost just spelt embrace like embrase. Polish fumes going to the head, I promise). Again, I ask you, sad or cool? You choose. 

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