Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Making Lists

My first post. EVER. Sitting at work. Making a list of what I can buy when I get paid, even though everyone knows that I make lists and then I never actually buy anything on it (complete lie). Everyone= three friends, man friend, and dog. What I actually do is make lists of things that I've recently viewed on a number (when I say number, I mean NUMBER) of other fashion/beauty/blahblahblah blogs. Then I contemplate about whether or not I should actually, really, legitimately go out and buy all the crap. See people, I go through this process on the regular. 

Watch and/or read insane amounts of:
a.)YouTube films revolving mainly around cool British girls and the fun lives they lead.
b.) Lisa Eldridge- Professional Make-up artist. Her Blog. Her YouTube. Check her. 
c.) ManRepeller - She. Is. Amazing. I. Want. Every. Piece. Of. Jewellery. That. She. Owns.
d.) CarolinesMode- If you don't know her. Get to know her. Cool Swedish girl.
e.) Isabelle from CarolinesMode - Also cool. Great style. Great hair. Check her out.

Now before this post makes me sound like a very obsessed girl (the truth) and you start noticing my many grammatical errors. Is it REALLY that bad already? First post and already that bad. Oh wellllll, I can only go up from here. Right? Right? I actually lead a fun life myself which I will welcome you all to through one of my many lists.

 TO BUY LIST: (Normally written at the top of a piece of scrap paper. Classy. I know. Also always written in capital letters. Weird?)

  • Everything from Zara, specifically this skort because I want to relive my entire childhood of skort wearing.

  • This shopper embellished with tacks that would just add the perfect amount of colour to ANY outfit. LETS BE HONEST. Also, who doesn't love spending over $100 on a handbag. I know I love it. Not really.
  • These Sandals. Must I explain? Yes, yes I do. They give off a subtle Valentino feel, without making you spend a million dollars. OK not a million. But, its up there ladies and gents. Pretty close to a million. 

Why not wear all of this together with a white t-shirt and some wicked neck and arm accessories. Just do it. Be you. Spend. Indulge in my obsessions, and hopefully yours too (help me out here). Moral of this story is to make lists, and indulge in those lists. Also, try not to think about the fact that my list comes to a total of: $416.00 plus tax. ha..ha...ha..ha. That was fun.

k toodles.

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