Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Why are my Obsessions Unfortunate?

I'm new to this. Clearly new to this. Before even explaining the concept of my blog I immediately post a sneak peek of my list making techniques. My friends, please understand that I am clearly new to this. And my man friend explained to me that it was necessary for me to explain the concept behind this crap. So basically I have to tell you all why my obsessions are unfortunate. Do you really wanna know? It's pretty sick. Not the good sick. The real definition of sick.

Why are they considered Unfortunate Obsessions you ask. Well, let me explain myself clearly. I'm quite literally obsessed with fashion, shopping, beauty, skin care, make-up and all the rest of the crap. But the actual act of shopping has almost lost its magical feeling. So dramatic. Don't hate. Don't judge. I'm already doing it.

Immediately after shopping I am usually overcome by a massive sense of panic. Usually being the key word. Unless I'm drunk. JKZ. This is a little preview of what repeatedly goes through my brain until I speedily return some of the goodies: Why did I buy this shirt? Who needs 10 white t-shirts? (everyone) I have other things I need to pay for, I can't be throwing money in the air like I'm Rockefeller. But you work hard and you work for every penny you make. But there are people who can't even afford dinner AND YOU'RE GOING AROUND AND BUYING MULTIPLE WHITE T-SHIRTS. Who does that anyway? Plus, its not like you're wealthy. Who do you think you are? Pretending to be someone you're not by spending inconceivable amounts of money on beauty products.

Welcome. Bienvenu. HoĊŸgeldiniz. I wish I knew how to say welcome in more than three languages. Shows how cultured I really am. Point is that I'm welcoming you all to the way my mind works. The unfortunate way it works. The unfortunate dilemmas that do not allow me to enjoy fashion and beauty. I'll stop using the word unfortunate. I thought I would just try and shove it in as many times as possible to get my point across. GUESS THAT DIDN'T WORK. But seriously, I go through the very serious moral dilemma of deciding whether or not to purchase every item that I want. I know, hard life. hard knock freaking life. 

So, did that clear things up? Probably not. To sum it up: I hate it but I love it. Hopefully over the next few posts you will soon understand why my obsessions are unfortunate and maybe you can give me tips on how to change that. I should probably stop freaking out so much. Re frame from being such a psycho. That's harder than it looks folks. Maybe I can actually use my love of beauty and fashion to contribute something substantial to the real world. Remember the real world? I don't. lolz.

P.S: I don't actually put 'z' at the end of words. That's just a joke. 

Some of my current Unfortunate Obsessions. Enjoy.

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