Monday, 23 July 2012


Lets start off with saying that this post is not associated with anything unfortunate. Nothing. Exit now if you're expecting to hear me bicker about my unfortunate obsessions cause there is none of that going on here. Don't actually exit because what I'm about to show you is be-yoo-ti-FULLY amazing. You're all thinking "this b*$!# better have something good for us" and I'm all like, just be patient people. helllllo.

Cut to the chase- Here are some of my favorite pieces from the marvelous MillicentDesign:

Dusty Violet Wrap at $65.00

Foolish at $120.00

Turquoise & Ice at $120.00

Mixing Metals at $200.00

Miranda Watson is a jewelry designer from Alberta, Canada who is currently living in New York City. She makes amazing flipping jewelry, the way she combines various metals and colours is just magnificent. My favorite is the Turquoise & Ice necklace. The gold, the turquoise, the white- DA BOMB. She is on point with every single design. 

An added bonus is that she accepts PAYPAL!!!! Just understand my excitement people, please. I don't have a credit card (only person on this earth without one) so when people accept PayPal I'm basically jumping from the walls. 

All in all, Miranda is doing great, great things for jewel lovers. Plus, she is Canadian- What more can I ask for?

Any of you know any other great Canadian designers? Please share!

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