Wednesday, 4 July 2012


I have come back from the land of the dead. As a new born blogger I really should not be taking hiatuses whenever I want. I do have a good-ish reason: Summer School. Not like I failed or anything, I'm just a genius (kidding) and I'm taking courses now to avoid them next year. LONG STORY SKORT I have been reading a lot of crap about the crap that I study! Party tymmmmme. 

The only thing to share is some crappy pictures taken prior to the start of my summer course. So, enjoy the horrible picture quality of a pretty awesome outfit. I think it's awesome- I'm bringing back the skort with this one or Zara is bringing back the skort. WHATEVER. An added plus: It is so flipping cheap! go, run, get yourself a skort and wear it proud. 

Excuse the face. I was probably bossing someone around.

Enjoy the skort!

Does anyone else shove their lower half into skorts? Anyone? Anyone? ANYONE? I'm a bit skort crazy right now! 

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