Thursday, 2 August 2012

My relationship with Polyvore

Finishing up my final essay of the summer. Bored yet? I thought I would do a little post of my current Obsessions- not Unfortunate ones, just normal ones. They are not Unfortunate because they are not particularly expensive, well, compared to the other crap that I obsess over. And yes people, it is all crap because a skirt cannot bring you the joy that your best friend/mother/manfriend/pooch brings you. WHO AM I KIDDING, yes it can. Just kidding. Ok, I'm done. Here it is:

Current Unfortunate Obsessions

Here's a lame little story about my experience with Polyvore. So I see all these beautiful collages on everyone's blogs and I'm thinking to myself, how the hell did they make that beauty of a collage on Paint? Come on, remember Paint? Then, I laughed to myself because who the hell would have assumed Paint could create this shit. NO ONE, EXCEPT ME. After a giggle fest with myself, I paid a visit to my close friend, Google. I typed in: How to make a fashion collage for blogs. I just wanted an answer, I wasn't ready to be all polite about it. As usual, Google did not disappoint and provided me with the link to Polyvore. Now listen, I don't care if you don't have a blog, have a blog, have a dog, wanna go for a jog. I don't care. Go to Polyvore and make a collage and share it. It's just fun. Do it.

You're probz asking why there is a lamp and a nightstand table. Well, they are just there because they are. Not everything needs a reason, na mean?


  1. not suscribed to polyvore but here a lot about it !

    wanna follow on bloglovin and twitter ?



    Elegantesque Blog

    1. you should definitely join polyvore! thanks for the comment and I followed on twitter:)

  2. La robe rouge est tres chic!J'adore!

    Angela Donava

  3. Ah! Im still with it, i love paint, i hate technology. Its simple, for simple fashion collages, you and i paint'rs gotta stick together!

    1. haha, we really do have to stick together!