Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Awkward and Lame

You know that awkward, unfortunate moment when you're writing an essay on teaching kids geometry kids while simultaneously listening to lil' wayne and his vile lyrics. Not the best combo, people. 

You know that lame, unfortunate moment when you're all like "hey mum, come take pictures of me for my blog" and she's all like, "I'm busy, I'm on the phone" and then you have to kinda beg her. Kinda. Just kinda have to beg. More like bribe. JKZ, she luvz meh.

You know that awkward, unfortunate moment when you're all like "yayzzzzz I'm taking pictures for my blog" and then they all turn out like this: 

lookin' mad bald.

Feeling like you wanna dress it up a bit? Take the white heels out for a spin, and use your puppy as an accessory.  

Look at that, My feet even have a spotlight on 'em. 

Do a little dance, make a little love, look evil tonight. 

My neck, birdie and all.

A couple normal ones. Do you like my prehistoric television? Still works so there is no upgradin' going on around here.

You see, people, being awkward and lame is not necessarily considered an Unfortunate Obsession because well, let's be honest, I'm not ACTUALLY Obsessed with being awkward and lame. It just happens. Did that make any sense? Wearing ankle socks with sneakers is definitely considered an Obsession but please, be the judge of whether or not it is Unfortunate....




Also, who said there was a limit to how many pictures you can put into one post? I didn't! The more, the goddamn merrier. 

Are you awkward and lame? Do you have any stories to PROVE IT? PROVE IT!

Shoes: Superga
Socks: My mothers drawer
Skirt: Zara
Shirt: Urban Outfitters
Vest: Zara

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