Thursday, 26 July 2012

Bag love

You know when you find a bag that you love? That sounds so sad, but I know when I find one. And it so happens that the bag is $600 dollars which SOME may say is cheap. Is it? Is it REALLY? You be the flipping judge. Loefller Randall started out in 2005 focusing exclusively on shoes, and has come quite far with the line. Now listen, I'm not too sure I would dish out $600 for a handbag but it is quite stunningly beautiful and hey, maybe one of you peeps will have $600 to throw around or invest, whatever. Okay, Okay let me show you the bag.

Lovely, isn't it? The contrast between the cream leather and the black leather studs is just WOOOOnderful. I love it. Buy it for me, please? Do you like it? I wish it were a tad bit bigger, but then the price would burn an even bigger hole in my wallet. I take it back.

 An added bonus is that if you're a bike riding fool (just kidding) then you can strap it to your bike, or your arm, leg, torso. Whatever. You must admit that it is a lovely touch. Another benefit is that there are many ways you can carry the bag. Over your shoulder, on your bike, with your hands, with your toes, with your arm. This is the dream bag, people. Lastly, I just want to clarify that I didn't actually mean that you're a fool if you ride a two wheeler. I love bicycles. Best form of transportation. 

What's your favorite form of transportation? Just kidding, I don't care.
 Would you buy this bag? Tell me.

Loeffler Randall Rider Bag- $595.00 available here


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