Thursday, 19 July 2012

I've survived

I don't think I'll start this post by saying the overly abused phrase 'I've returned from the land of the dead' or is that just me who abuses it? Does it really count as being abused if I've only used it once? Too many questions in the first couple sentences of an overdue post. On another note, you know when you're at work and you're trying to write a blog post and then the phone keeps ringing? and you wanna just tell everyone to figure their shit out on their own because you're BUSY. Can't do that, can I? Is this an anger management blog or fashion/beauty blah blah blah blog?

So, after the most pointless intro ever I will move onto more important things. More important obsessions. You know when you get paid and then you spend all your money on clothes and shoes? Anyone? Anyone? I do. A few days ago my man friend asked me "do you think we will ever have enough money for the things we want?" and I looked at him and I don't remember what I said. The end. Point is, I could turn this post into my unfortunate obsession with money, but I don't think I'll do that today. But I really shouldn't leave it at that, letting you all think that I'm this insane in the membrane consumer (english?) that is solely in love with clothes, shoes, and bags (the truth).

Listen, this is how it goes: 
Step 1.) get paid
Step 2.) think about what the heck to buy
Step 3.) spend 90% of my paycheck
Step 4.) occasionally regret what I buy
Step 5.) don't return it. 

The real conclusion is that if you love it-embrace it. if you hate it-LEAVE. just kidding. Ok let's be realz hurr, if you love it (it= materialistic shit aka shirts, pants, shoes, bags) then love it in moderation, I guess. This is a cautionary tale, don't do what I do. Or do. I've survived. OK BYE.    

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