Sunday, 29 July 2012

Warm wrists, Cold wrists

This is a cousin post of White Bottoms. Only because I'm wearing a white dress, it really has nothing to do with the sad little rotten peach. Got this number for $30 down from $70, I think. I saw it. I loved it. Probably never going to wear it. But, I bought it and I have signed an agreement with myself stating that I will most definitely wear this dress before I die. OR ELSE...

I just loved the contrast of the blinding white with the transparent sleeves. Pair it with flats, running shoes, booties, heels. ANYTHING PEOPLE, anything, the dress is your oyster (ha ha...ha...). It is just great and not too short cause it's never good when my bootay is hanging out of clothing. Not a good look. Ok, let me show you what it looks like. 

Looking pregnant, while running. Can I even categorize that as running?

Warm wrists with reds and the golds.

Cold Wrists with the silvers and the blues. 

Let's be honest, it is not the most flattering of dresses, but it still has a lovely feel about it. The unfortunate part of the outfit is located on the wrists. I'm pretty sure when I was decked out in my jewels I was performing unintentional arm exercises every 5 seconds. Each arm weighed an extra 5 pounds. 5 POUNDS. I guess that could be seen as an Unfortunate Obsession or if you're wanting a more positive twist, a 2-in-1 Obsession. You're not only looking wicked kewl with all your wrist crap, you're also defining those triceps, biceps and you can't forget those good ol' deltoids. 2-in-1. Still with me? It's ok if you're not cause I gotta go!

Shoes: Zara (old)
Dress: H&M sale
Jacket: Vintage Levi's
Bracelets: Forever 21 and H&M
Watches: Fossil and Aviator

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